Making great wines that have a positive impact on the planet

Round Theory has been consciously crafted from the ground up to not only taste good, but do good.

Our mission is to be as sustainable and ethical as possible, and every part of our process is shaped by this guiding principle.

Sustainably Sourced

Our wines are sustainably grown and sourced from our Sustainable Wine growing New Zealand accredited vineyards in Marlborough and Hawkes Bay.

Climate Positive

We are climate positive and aim to offset at least double the amount of carbon we use, with our carbon credits allocated to conservation and preservation projects worldwide.

Vegan Friendly

Round Theory are proudly vegan certified by the New Zealand Vegetarian Society, making sure all our wine is plant based with great taste.

Giving Back To Green

From our shorter lightweight bottles and smaller cartons to our front label made from 30% post consumer waste, all of our packaging has been conscientiously crafted to minimise its entire carbon footprint.

Our environmental efforts ticking over in real time:

Glasses of wine made carbon friendly:
897,650 KG
Tree growth years:
Contributor impact:
Carbon offset impact:
689,859 KG